Recipe Submission

Got a great gamer-friendly recipe? We want to post it for you! You can send it to but please read for a few tips to help us out with your recipe.

First of all, is this your recipe? If you got it from a friend and have made it your own, that's great... but if you got it from a recipe book or website and want to share, include a credit and the design team will consider whether we have the right to post it or not.

Next up, please consider some of the categories we use and comment with as much information as you can! Is this an easy recipe to make? How long did it take you last time you made it? Was it easy to eat at the console or keyboard? Would it make a good repeat performance as left-overs?

Additionally, if you want your name included in the post with the recipe SAY SO IN YOUR EMAIL! We're going to assume on the side of caution and privacy when you send in a recipe... ESRB taught us that over RealID (oh yeah, I just went there).

Please check back here often, we're still setting up so this page may change!