Saturday, July 24, 2010

Submitted Recipe: Strawberry and Rocket Salad

Strawberry and Rocket Salad
Platform: Anywhere!
Prep-time: About 20-30 minutes

Summertime lends itself to light, easy, delicious salads for dinner. It's also high time for strawberries. when you put the two together, the result is an unadulterated YUM! For all of us who don't recognize rocket as anything other than what gets stuff to space, it's just arugula. But "Strawberry and Rocket Salad" just sounds cooler.
  • Two punnets of good strawberries
  • Garlic (I used 1 1/2 bulbs of mild garlic)
  • Two bags rocket
  • 1 bag baby spinach
  • Olive oil
  • Chocolate balsamic vinegar (I got mine from the Oil and Vinegar franchise in Cardiff but there are recipes to make your own out there too)
  • Black pepper to taste.
  1. Chop up strawberries and roast the garlic briefly - I did mine with olive oil drizzled over it, unpeeled, then snipped the ends off with scissors to squeeze the garlic out.
  2. Add garlic to strawberries and let the flavours infuse. I made the dressing and let it sit overnight, but may try putting it together fresh sometime, the texture of the strawberries will be better for it. Add the oil and vinegar, roughly about one third vinegar to two thirds oil (or to taste). Season with black pepper and toss strawberries and garlic with the rocket and spinach and serve.
  3. I may also try this sometime on ciabbatta, as an alternative light summer bruschetta style starter. May also be an idea to serve with a wedge of lemon to cut through the sweetness, so people can flavour to taste.
  4. (Poster's Note: A compromise between infusing flavours together for a day and using fresh strawberries in the dressing would be to infuse the dressing with a portion of the strawberries, and then adding the dressing to fresh strawberries just before tossing the salad.)

This recipe is vegetarian and vegan friendly. Garlic can be roasted by toasting it on a dry pan, so really not much is needed in terms of special tools. This recipe is also diabetic-friendly.

Thanks again to Cygninae of wow_ladies!

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