Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time for a Gamer Friendly Tip

Tip: The Fizz... of DOOM!
You've just settled down to do your level up, this should be a good one, the DM even gave you the go-ahead on that prestige class you've always wanted to try. Or you just sat down with your bowl of raid-friendly food and are preparing to group up with 24 other people to take down Arthas, you have a feeling that your gear is going to drop This Time, it's a good feeling. Or you've just finished putting the final touches on your costume for the political event of your vampiric life, you'll be crowned Prince this time For Sure.

What better way to calm your nerves than with a nice cold can or bottle of your favorite carbonated beverage. You take a deep breath, inhale the calm, reach for your drink... crake the seal... and it sprays all over your character sheets; keyboard or costume. WHAT THE &@$#!!

So how do you avoid the fizz? Next time try this simple technique to prevent the blow up.

1. First set your can or bottle on a hard surface.
2. While the bottom of the can or bottle rests on the hard surface turn it firmly several times. If you only just dropped it, turn it a half dozen times full rotation.
3. Open cautiously.

Don't believe it works? try it! grab a can of pop, shake it up and follow the steps! You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Why does it work? not a clue. I'm sure some physics major could answer, but I can't track one down, I've got a date with Arthas.

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