Monday, August 9, 2010

This just in... our winners!

First let me apologize for the late draw. I got caught up in travels and forgot to make arrangements with my co-authors. But... WE HAVE OUR WINNERS! What winners you say? Why from our grand opening DRAW! We encouraged our new readers to submit recipes and in exchange entered them in our draw. Two random winners have been picked. Here's how we did it:

First I counted the number of entries (plenty of entries but only five people other than our authors who don't qualify) and used the random number generator from Then I counted down from the first submission to... the third!

Our first winner is Boomsplat of Khadgar for Boomsplat's Bacon Bites! Congratulations Boomsplat! Make sure to get in touch with us at to claim your prize!

Our second place winner is... number one!

Congratulations to Elise and much thanks for Five Minute Chocolate Cake! Gah, the drool! Elise, please contact us at to claim your prize of three cards from Stamp Off, Eh! (You're not required to take WoW themed cards, of course).

Thank you to everyone (even our authors) that submitted recipes to get us started. Be sure to keep reading and to spread the word... we'll be having more contests as we go! Now to figure out the best way to mail a Beef and Bacon Guinness Pie.

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